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New Function

A new function has benn added to the menu
Convert image cue sheet to any tracks type cue is now available

Log Link Function Has Been Expanded:
If you would like to link the Analyze function to a log file on the web you can use the following syntax.
http://eachelper.uphero.com/php/Analyze.php?log="insert the URL address of the log here
The log can be plain text or embeded in web page HTML.

Add Log Gaps will insert pregap times into EAC log files.
All you need is a log that was made with no pregap time display and a cue sheet that was made from that same rip.

EAC helper just got easier to use.
New "Send To" shortcut menus send text quickly to other functions

new  Analyze - Finds common setting and rip procedure mistakes. Creates a report summary of the rip pocess.
The Analyze page has been upgraded and now will check logs made with Exact Audio Copy and XLD. To use this function copy/paste the log text or upload the log file

new  AR Update - Use the Accuraterip update page to get current confidence levels or to see if a disc has been added to the Accuraterip database. The Accuraterip update page supports Exact Audio Copy v99.x, DBPowerAmp and XLD rip logs. To use this function copy/paste the log text or upload the log file

  Translate - Translate your Exact Audio Copy log files into into any available language.

Languages for EAC versions up to 95b.x - Danish, Dutch, English, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Slovak,'.CRLF; print 'Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwan, Ukrainian, Uzbek.

Languages for EAC version 99b.x - Dutch, English, Chinese-Simplified, Croatian, Czech, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish.'.CRLF;

  Log to Cue - Will create a cue sheet from any valid Exact Audio Copy v99.x log file.
Caution: Some gap times may be expressed as hundredths of a second. EAC helper makes every attempt to correct this condition automatically however there may be instances where it is impossible to determine the setting used. If you are sure that log gap times are expressed as hundredths you can force convertion to frames by checking the option box.

  Edit cue - Will perform some common editing functions with a valid cue sheet.

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